Beef, Beef, and More Beef,…

…and did I mention beef?

College students, or recently graduated college students, seem to be a hungry lot. My eldest has been home for a few weeks before going to her internship, and then off to graduate school for a Masters degree. Thankfully, I’ve lost some weight recently, and don’t resemble the side of beef that I did a short while ago, or I might have been made a snack! Continue reading “Beef, Beef, and More Beef,…”


So Much Has Happened In Such A Short Time!

First, both of my daughters have graduated from their respective colleges. My oldest is going to pursue a Masters degree in Food Science. The youngest is a Baking and Pastry chef working on Times Square. I don’t have their permissions to share details, so too bad! Of course they graduated on the same day half a country apart. My wife and I got our last practice at dividing and conquering. I went to New York for graduation, and my wife stayed in the midwest. All I can say is, thank goodness for live streaming! Continue reading “So Much Has Happened In Such A Short Time!”

From 270 Pounds To 160 Pounds…

…the journey continues.

Several years ago, when I first moved back to Minnesota, I started to lose weight. I had topped out at 270 pounds (122.47 Kilos or 19.29 stone), which is, by all accounts, morbidly obese. With the tonnage came a number of maladies which included high blood pressure, joint pain, sleep apnea, digestive issues, poor self image, and finally I was diagnosed as nearly pre-diabetic. How can one be nearly pre-diabetic? Personally, I think my doctor felt I couldn’t handle anymore bad news. Continue reading “From 270 Pounds To 160 Pounds…”

A Trip Down Memory Lane

100_1193_altA very memorable time of my life occurred between 2003 and 2008 when I was blessed to live in Bavaria, a southern German state. I lived in a small village called Strasslach, which is just south of Gruenwald. It was a beautiful little village filled with good and friendly people. There was a Catholic church, an Apotheka (drugstore), a Grundschule (school ages 6 – 11), a metal working shop and, most prominently, a Biergarten/Restaurant and Metzgerei (butcher shop) called Gasthof zum Wildpark and Metzgerei Roiderer. Continue reading “A Trip Down Memory Lane”

Sometimes It’s The Simple Things

I often go off half cocked, culinarily speaking. What I mean is that I get it in my head that I should prepare a certain dish, but before really studying the process and ingredients, I just go make it. Sometimes that works just fine. Sometimes it is a disaster. Before I get to the simple thing, allow me to brag about my latest disaster. Continue reading “Sometimes It’s The Simple Things”

And Now For The Bad News…

Hopefully you can tell from previous posts that I am a foodie. If not, well… I guess I better take a few more writing classes. Being a foodie has the disadvantage of gaining some extra weight, especially as you age and become less active. I decided to start a diet program from Evolv Health. They call it the Reboot kit, which is supposed to deal with the way your body processes food. It isn’t so much calories in / calories out as it is a hormonal problem caused by too much sugar and simple carbohydrates in the diet. This causes a problem either in the production of, or the effectiveness of a hormone called leptin. I found this article helpful: Leptin and Leptin Resistance. Continue reading “And Now For The Bad News…”

All Hail The Pig, A Most Noble Beast!

I had a bit of an epiphany as I sat down to write this blog post. I am a dabbler, and if I want to really learn to cook well, I will have to come to terms with the need to pay attention to detail. The problem is that my mind never stays on task. I’m thinking about the next thing I’m going to try before I’m actually cooking what I am currently working on. Truly great food is prepared thoughtfully, with attention to detail. It doesn’t mean that you aren’t thinking ahead, but you must be able to focus on the task at hand. Continue reading “All Hail The Pig, A Most Noble Beast!”

O Canada!

I apologize for this deceptive title. Canadian bacon isn’t actually Canadian. It’s the same old story – Americans just have to tinker with things, and we seem to have difficulty in naming things accurately! True Canadian Bacon is actually called Peameal Bacon. Peameal Bacon is brined, but not smoked, and it is coated in a meal made from yellow peas. Well, it was coated in peameal, but since cornmeal is more abundant and economical, it was changed. Apparently our cousins to the north are as bad about naming things as we are, because the name never changed to reflect the new coating. Continue reading “O Canada!”