Fermentation Nation

IMG_2360Remember these little fellers? They are called Dragon’s Tail radishes. A few posts ago, I said that I was going to ferment them whole and make a relish from them. Instead, I buzzed them up in a food processor with some onion, and fermented them as a relish that way. I used a bit of salt, and some vegetable fermentation starter culture. Was I bright enough to write down the recipe and method? Let’s just say that I  will have the opportunity to rediscover this recipe next year, and make tweaks, if I can remember what I originally did. Continue reading “Fermentation Nation”


My Loss Is My Gain

When I first started this blog, I hadn’t considered posting about dieting, weight loss, fitness or nutrition. What do those things have to do with learning to cook, or simply sharing recipe ideas, or cooking methods? (I always knew that I would ramble off into sociology, politics and philosophy, because that’s just how I roll.) It turns out that learning to cook has a lot more to do with those things than I originally thought. Continue reading “My Loss Is My Gain”

I’m Losing It!

Here’s a brief update on my weight loss situation. I’m losing it! That is a good thing. I am losing it far slower than previously, but loss is loss.  I hit 204 pounds a couple of weeks ago, and due to both an injury and perhaps more laziness than I care to admit to, I have gained back a couple of pounds. I am still at a lower weight than I have been in many years. Continue reading “I’m Losing It!”

New Zealand Spinach and Dragon’s Tail Radishes

Do you get stuck in a cooking rut? Do you make the same foods over and over again because they’re delicious, comfortable and easy to make? I certainly do! It is so easy to fall into a routine, especially if you live in a small town with limited food ingredient choices. Fortunately, our small town is very diverse. Not only do we have Germans and Norwegians, but we also have Belgians! Seriously, we are diverse with many people groups from Africa, Asia, Mexico and South America represented along with the typical Northern and Eastern Europeans. Continue reading “New Zealand Spinach and Dragon’s Tail Radishes”

A Pressing Matter


img_2151Sometimes you just have to try doing something different. I had never made tortillas before. Somehow, I had an old, cast iron tortilla press in my possession. I remember it being in my parent’s house for ages. My mother never used it to my knowledge. She was Ukrainian for goodness sakes! Why did she even have a tortilla press? I suppose she could have made pierogies with it. Come to think of it, I may have to try that! Pierogies are just Eastern European empanadas. Continue reading “A Pressing Matter”

Beef, Beef, and More Beef,…

…and did I mention beef?

College students, or recently graduated college students, seem to be a hungry lot. My eldest has been home for a few weeks before going to her internship, and then off to graduate school for a Masters degree. Thankfully, I’ve lost some weight recently, and don’t resemble the side of beef that I did a short while ago, or I might have been made a snack! Continue reading “Beef, Beef, and More Beef,…”

So Much Has Happened In Such A Short Time!

First, both of my daughters have graduated from their respective colleges. My oldest is going to pursue a Masters degree in Food Science. The youngest is a Baking and Pastry chef working on Times Square. I don’t have their permissions to share details, so too bad! Of course they graduated on the same day half a country apart. My wife and I got our last practice at dividing and conquering. I went to New York for graduation, and my wife stayed in the midwest. All I can say is, thank goodness for live streaming! Continue reading “So Much Has Happened In Such A Short Time!”

From 270 Pounds To 160 Pounds…

…the journey continues.

Several years ago, when I first moved back to Minnesota, I started to lose weight. I had topped out at 270 pounds (122.47 Kilos or 19.29 stone), which is, by all accounts, morbidly obese. With the tonnage came a number of maladies which included high blood pressure, joint pain, sleep apnea, digestive issues, poor self image, and finally I was diagnosed as nearly pre-diabetic. How can one be nearly pre-diabetic? Personally, I think my doctor felt I couldn’t handle anymore bad news. Continue reading “From 270 Pounds To 160 Pounds…”

A Trip Down Memory Lane

100_1193_altA very memorable time of my life occurred between 2003 and 2008 when I was blessed to live in Bavaria, a southern German state. I lived in a small village called Strasslach, which is just south of Gruenwald. It was a beautiful little village filled with good and friendly people. There was a Catholic church, an Apotheka (drugstore), a Grundschule (school ages 6 – 11), a metal working shop and, most prominently, a Biergarten/Restaurant and Metzgerei (butcher shop) called Gasthof zum Wildpark and Metzgerei Roiderer. Continue reading “A Trip Down Memory Lane”