Fermentation Nation

IMG_2360Remember these little fellers? They are called Dragon’s Tail radishes. A few posts ago, I said that I was going to ferment them whole and make a relish from them. Instead, I buzzed them up in a food processor with some onion, and fermented them as a relish that way. I used a bit of salt, and some vegetable fermentation starter culture. Was I bright enough to write down the recipe and method? Let’s just say that I  will have the opportunity to rediscover this recipe next year, and make tweaks, if I can remember what I originally did. Continue reading “Fermentation Nation”


My Loss Is My Gain

When I first started this blog, I hadn’t considered posting about dieting, weight loss, fitness or nutrition. What do those things have to do with learning to cook, or simply sharing recipe ideas, or cooking methods? (I always knew that I would ramble off into sociology, politics and philosophy, because that’s just how I roll.) It turns out that learning to cook has a lot more to do with those things than I originally thought. Continue reading “My Loss Is My Gain”