So Much Has Happened In Such A Short Time!

First, both of my daughters have graduated from their respective colleges. My oldest is going to pursue a Masters degree in Food Science. The youngest is a Baking and Pastry chef working on Times Square. I don’t have their permissions to share details, so too bad! Of course they graduated on the same day half a country apart. My wife and I got our last practice at dividing and conquering. I went to New York for graduation, and my wife stayed in the midwest. All I can say is, thank goodness for live streaming!

 I also got to move my youngest into one of the rougher boroughs of New York city. This doesn’t sit well with me in some ways. I met a fair number of her neighbors, and they were decent people. But the area is also known for predators. As a parent, I have to learn to let go, and allow her to grow. As a parent, I will also worry about her endlessly. She lives about six blocks from the subway, and many things can happen in six blocks. I’m not sure what her hours at work are, but I suspect she will often be walking in the dark.

I stayed at an AirBnB for the first time in my life. The host was a young, athletic Cameroonian man with a passion for his people and country, and an ever-present smile on his face!

I drove in the New York City! I didn’t kill anyone, have an accident, or even get honked at. I survived one of the most horrific events of my life (heavy exaggeration). I’m not your stereotypical Midwesterner. I have lived in large cities like Chicago and Minneapolis, and even have lived in Munich, Germany, and successfully driven there and other cities in Europe. The boroughs of New York City are far more difficult than any of those.

I got to eat some fantastic food! Certainly, the reception after the graduation ceremony at the CIA was excellent, but I ate at a number of places, and all of them were at least very good. Cuisines ranged from Korean to good, old American.

That’s a lot of territory to cover in one blog post. I’m going to break it up. Since much of what I saw and did wasn’t food related, I’m going to alternate posts until I’ve gotten all of this experience purged from my soul, and then rearranged and reincorporated back into myself.


4 thoughts on “So Much Has Happened In Such A Short Time!

  1. Congratulations! This is such a milestone in a parents’ life. Our daughter is done with her bachelors and looking at med school and our son is now a senior with one year left at a performing arts college. Isn’t it a great feeling to know you have done all you can to launch them into the world? Time for you and your wife to celebrate your great job as parents! Bora Bora is a great reward place 🙂

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