From 270 Pounds To 160 Pounds…

…the journey continues.

Several years ago, when I first moved back to Minnesota, I started to lose weight. I had topped out at 270 pounds (122.47 Kilos or 19.29 stone), which is, by all accounts, morbidly obese. With the tonnage came a number of maladies which included high blood pressure, joint pain, sleep apnea, digestive issues, poor self image, and finally I was diagnosed as nearly pre-diabetic. How can one be nearly pre-diabetic? Personally, I think my doctor felt I couldn’t handle anymore bad news.

A young man I knew from the nearby Brew Pub, talked me into trying some products he had the privilege of representing. The products were from Evolv Health. I just finished the initial Reboot program, and have lost 20 pounds, 4 trouser sizes, and currently have an untreated blood pressure of 115/70. After my meds, it can go as low as 100/62. My joint pain is almost nonexistent now, digestive issues are gone and I feel great!

I am almost afraid of what might happen now that I have used up all of the product from the program. Will the inflammation return? The digestive issues? Weight gain? honestly, I don’t know yet. I am going to try to maintain a sensible program of food intake. What I mean by that is to not eat a lot of ready to eat foods, simple starches or foods high in sugar. If you know what the Alton Brown diet is, well, it will be close to that, but I may have more than one drink per week!

One of the hardest things to change is your pattern of snacking. We just get used to eating certain foods in certain amounts at certain times. Night time is my hard time. I don’t fall asleep easily, and so I go to bed quite late at night. That leaves me open to bored eating. I used to consume about a days worth of calories in cheese and crackers between 8PM and midnight. I have changed that, not without difficulty. It would be easy to get back into that pattern.

I’m currently weighing in at 214.8 pounds. According to calculations, I should hit 160 before Thanksgiving. I should hit 180 just after Thanksgiving, unless I can convince myself that the mashed potatoes and gravy aren’t worth it! Who am I kidding?

Sometimes you have to enjoy life. Sometimes you have to deny pleasure for a time.


5 thoughts on “From 270 Pounds To 160 Pounds…

  1. This weight loss was done within 28 days. If I had better control of my snacking, I probably could have lost 30 pounds in 28 days. 300 calorie snacks twice a day is excessive!


  2. Congrats and it certainly is a balance of intake and exercise. I use to think I ‘needed’ a snack mid evening, and it was quite addictive to think about giving it up. So, several months ago I started flossing, brushing, and rinsing right after dinner. Psychologically, I was done with eating for the night, and if someone offers me something I have to think hard about whether I want to go through the whole flossing thing again. I don’t know if I’ve lost pounds, but I know I’m not consuming empty calories when I’m really not hungry. Good luck with your journey which I think most of us are either on the same train or for sure thinking about it. 🙂

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