Learning To Cook And Learning To Blog

IMG_0169I am a home cook. I seem to be pretty good at it. My evidence is no fatalities at home and frequent compliments, even from my daughter who is on the road to being a professional. Come to think of it, both daughters will be professionals in the food industry, but my eldest is going the science route.

As a home cook, my service is pretty rustic, which is a kind way of saying that I have no sense of style for plating food. The truth is that I serve almost everything we eat at home family style. I try to put things in nice serving bowls, but I just as often take the pot off of the range and set it on a trivet on the table. “That’s hot! Don’t burn yourselves!” Presentation is one of the skills I would like to learn, because it is true that we eat with our eyes first.

I was blogging on another site, a recipe site, but it seems to be self destructing, and so I am moving on. I am here, on WordPress, trying to figure out how to set things up to make things easier for anyone that stumbles across my blog. Having options about how the blog appears is not overwhelming, but it is novel.

I intend to continue my exploration of cooking and blogging here on my new home. Not every blog will be about cooking. Sometimes there are things that need to be said, that can’t be expressed in food. (Although a nice cocktail can cover a multitude of sins.)


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